An amazing group of youngsters with a lot of smarts and talents. It was a real pleasure to spend the time and share a bit of knowledge with these sweet students from Oakdale Park M.S., our old middle school. We baked, we decorated icing snowmen, we ate, we ate some more, we setup an attractive table, chose roles and we sold delicious cupcakes and candy. Fundraising done right and everyone had a blast. Awesome job students!

The Students at Three Valleys P.S. were really in for a treat and so were we. We did 16--sixteen!!-- art classes for 4 weeks were we taught students some basics of cartoon faces and expressions. The students were so respectful and kind that it made the time go by in a flash, we could have spent another 4 weeks there easily. From the Kinders to the grade 5s, we had a great time teaching each and every one of these students the fundaments of shapes and conveying emotions in their artwork. They all did their best and it really showed. Hopefully we’ll share some of their amazing work in the future. Great learning gang and remember to fill up those sketchbooks with everything you learned!

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Three Valleys Public School Mural: Everyone’s Welcome


Drawing Cartoon Faces: Basic Shapes and Features


Girls Club Cupcate Sale: Sweet Presentation!


Matching School Tees: Helping Students Standout

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