We thought it would be cool to make simple and bright t-shirts for the students at Firgrove P.S. to help keep them safe when out on field trips to help teachers and others to distinguish them in a crowd. We volunteer a lot on our children’s class trips and it really makes a difference. Thank God for the inspiration. Keeping the children safe is top priority always and they look great too!

This fundraiser was a great opportunity to support the girls club with a cupcake sale. It was fun and delicious. All the proceeds went towards an amazing field trip the theatre. Hard work and icing always pays off well in the end.

The Robinson’s FUNSHOP! is where we enjoy providing a variety of fun visual arts events, services and lessons for all ages. Art Classes for schools. Paint and Craft nights for social and company groups. Drawing Portraits, Cartoons and Comics, Animation and Sculpting for beginner and intermediate skill levels.



Three Valleys Public School Mural: Everyone’s Welcome


Drawing Cartoon Faces: Basic Shapes and Features


Girls Club Cupcate Sale: Sweet Presentation!


Matching School Tees: Helping Students Standout

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